Projector A2

ABOX Projector A2

ABOX Projector, 2019 Newest ABOX A2 Portable Home Theater LCD Video Projector with 100 ANSI Lumen/3000 Light Source Lumen,180" Large Screen and HiFi Speakers, Support 1080p HDMI/VGA/AV Multiple Ports

$ 145.99

2018 Newest ABOX A2 Projector

  •  100ANSI Lumen High Brightness: 100 ANSI lumen set for perfect projection performance with crisp images even in bright settings, this high luminance lets even viewers seated furthermost clearly see the slides and boosts image quality with vibrant colors for pictures and videos as well as fine details.
  •  180 inches Bigger Image: ABOX projectors offer a range of 1280*720p resolutions and projected image sizes to meet diverse space needs. Featuring crisp image quality from 32 to 180 inches, our ultra-short throw projectors achieve increased space versatility at reduced costs.
  •  5 Layer LCD Technology: Based on 5 layer LCD technology for amazing colors, incredible details, and solid reliability, ABOX projectors dedicate an entire chip to process each primary colors continuously, unlike single-chip technology that delivers colors sequentially.
  •  Single Airduct Ventilating Design: Employing advanced air current circulation dust-free design to output heat blocks out up to 90% of dust and particles, significantly extending projectors’ lifetime to 50,000hrs while reducing maintenance frequency by 1/3 compared to other projectors.
  •  Wide-range Connectivity: With integrated support for multiple connection methods, including HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/Micro SD/Audio Out 3.5mm to suit a wide range of entertainment devices, this projector makes home entertainment more accessible than ever.
  • Warm tips:
  •  ABOX Projector mainly is used for Home cinema and gaming, NOT recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.
  •  It will perform the best effect if the projector is in a dark room environment.
  •  If you need a much louder sound, an External Speaker is required.
  •  Notice: A HDMI ADAPTER (You need to purchase it separately) is required if you connect the projector to tablets and smartphones.

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